Transparency Of Business Owners In 2019 - Setting Your Facebook For Business Up Correctly & Legally

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Before You Ask An Agency Or Employee To Set Up Your Facebook and Instagram Accounts Here’s What You Need To Know.

Transparency Of Business Owners Is Now A Requirement In Advertising.

Until the last few months company employees, agency owners and workers or pretty much just anyone could go in start a Facebook business page or set up a new Instagram account.  That has changed though as time has passed and time has shown us that fake account after fake account and scam company after scam company has started, launched and often succeeded because marketer’s weren’t careful enough to ask the right questions or because the new business owners were just that good at their own marketing.

Over the last few months Facebook has begun disabling fake Facebook and Instagram accounts for violating their terms of service and with that has come a lot of frustration because the majority of business owners have no idea how to set up their Facebook business page, and that means that when it comes time to start running ads on Facebook and Instagram they are not going to have a clue that Facebook business manager is where they need to go to do that if they don’t want to just waste their money.  

Starting a business takes a lot of work and while it’s great to hire people to help you, the only person that should be setting up a new business’ accounts are the business owner him or her self.  Why? Because it’s become new and incorrect practice in the industry for employees of a company, and agencies to set up social media accounts, email accounts, and digital marketing accounts and then not give the client, the boss whatever applies access to said accounts during the business relationship and then using it to disrupt business operations once the person leaves.

What Happens If The Owner Of A Business Refuses To Set Up Their Own Social Media Accounts

So it’s become a normal occurrence for business owners to not want to set up their social media accounts because they don’t maintain an active presence on social media.  Unfortunately, that is no longer going to work. Owners of a company NEED to be involved in their company, owners of a company need to actively participate in their company, and owners of a company need to be actively engaging in customer service, reputation management and know what people are saying about their company and service online.  

As a result of this Google, Facebook and Instagram have all implemented new policies surrounding the setup of accounts.  While advertisers can still set up accounts on Google the days of this are limited and similar to Facebook and Instagram business owners will have to create a personal Facebook page, a personal Instagram page, a Facebook business page, a Facebook business manager, and an Instagram for business page (after their personal account is set up).

Business owners do not seem to like this new trend, in our experience thus far with these new changes because business owners are lost, and that says a lot for Facebook and Instagram because the reason for the struggle and frustration is because there is a lack of knowledge and information out there in how to set these up nor do business owners realize why it is so important for them to set up their own accounts because it allows them to keep control of their pages, their ads, and their accounts.

The Only Way To Run Ads On Facebook and Instagram Is For The Business Owner To Set Up Their Own Accounts

While there are many advertisers that will tell you and sell you on the fact that you will not have to set up a single thing yourself, the truth is that any advertiser that tells you this and then tries to go in and create accounts for you is violating both Facebook and instagram’s policies and terms of use.  They are additionally violating advertising guidelines that are monitored by the platforms now, and further they are violating Federal Communication laws that are monitored and overseen by the Federal Communications Commission as well as the Federal Trade Commission.

Setting Up Your Own Business Manager Accounts On Facebook And Instagram

The process of setting up your own Facebook business manager profiles on Facebook and then connecting your Instagram for Business Accounts That You, Yourself as a Business owner create can be challenging.  

This is why we’ve begun the process of creating guides to help you as a new business owner set up your own accounts that will help you as a business owner as well as your new business.

  • Empower yourself

  • Grow Your Business

  • Keep and Retain control of your accounts and your Facebook ads pixel data which will help you continue to grow your business long into the future.

  • Look at and review daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and even monthly, quarterly and annual statistics and numbers.

  • Check out audience lists and work with your Marketing strategist to determine new opportunities for growth in other targeting categories that aren’t the average ones for the industries.  

  • Launch a Broker and or Affiliate / Referral Program that is not a mock up of a franchise or MLM which will heavily impact your growth and ability to be successful.

There are many agencies out there that have made it a priority to create Facebook Business Manager accounts, set up the ad account, and then not transfer ownership to a business owner once the contract is over for whatever reason it ends.  

In advertising especially in highly regulated industries, it is imperative that the owner of the business shows authority, expertise, and transparency in that business, and in 2019 the rules are starting to change, and most platforms are no longer allowing a business or it’s owners to be and remain anonymous.  Yelp for example requires a profile picture of the business owner upon setting up their review page, Facebook is now requiring drivers licenses or other forms of photo id in order to verify business manager accounts that they find suspicious. Google often asks a lot of questions and will begin to roll out new changes that will bring transparency into who owns a business over the coming months, and after 16 years in this industry our professional opinion is that this is long overdue and strongly needed in order to not just protect business owners but, to additionally protect consumers, startups, and various other entities that have become very susceptible to some of the practices that have begun to overtake and change business, and not for the better.

The Main Point

Unless You, Yourself Set Up Your Facebook Business Page, Your Instagram Page, Your Facebook Business Manager and Your Instagram For Business Accounts you will not be seen as the owner.  Additionally, because many companies are choosing to outsource for cheap labor rather than quality service, it is important to understand that if any account is set up inside of a foreign country it will immediately be flagged if your business is located in the US and you are targeting US consumers and or businesses.  Don’t get caught in a trap of red flags, penalties, and even possible account hi-jacks because you don’t want to personally be attached to your own accounts. It’s 2019, and the advertising platforms are all starting to unanimously say “this needs to be done in order to provide consumers with needed information to make informative buying decisions.”

Get The Ultimate Guide To Setting Up Your Facebook Business Manager To Start The Process, and Stay Tuned For additional resources that can help you set up your social media accounts for business with ease.