Local Search Engine Optimization The Key To Local Business Success


Increase Your Target Audience Reach With Local SEO

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence Analytics & Strategy Determines Your Placement Across The Internet.

If you are a local business you are probably searching for ways to increase your local exposure in order to get your phone ringing with phone calls if you are an attorney, Real Estate agent, mortgage lender or insurance agent or if you are in the retail, hospitality, or entertainment industries just to name a few you are looking for increased online booking and in store foot traffic.

Local Search Engine Optimization also known as Local SEO empowers you with the ability to get that local foot traffic, increase your reach, increase your target audience and effectively grow your business as the positive result of the hard work put in.

Local SEO and Localized Digital Marketing campaigns begin with analyzing what it is that your customers and clients want.

Effectively engaging them is the second step.

Effective Engagement with your Local Customers Through Local SEO

The first 90 days of an SEO Campaign are crucial to your search engine rankings. Do you want your rankings to increase with the correct target audience and clients clicking on your website or do you want fake, spam, and foreign search hits that aren't a part of your ideal client or customer base plummeting your rankings because you attempted the DIY route or trusted one of the auto dialers that love to call you, scam you, and tell you that your search engine listing is going to expire if you don't invest with them. (Just so you know I get them as well, and I enjoy taking the few minutes out to play along, give them my website url, and I always hear the same response once the website loads on their end – silence, a gasp and then they hang up the call because they know they are busted.) I use to just say “You do realize what I do, right” but, that wasn't as much fun. This just gives them the justice that they need to feel.

Here's the Honest Truth About Local SEO & The Steps Required In Order To Build A Successful Localized SEO Campaign

Build Your Local SEO Strategy (Month 1)

If you aren't an agency you aren't going to be able to effectively grow your local business by expanding your reach through SEO. SEO strategies are constantly changing and a good marketer is constantly doing research, we're constantly training, and staying up to date in what is going on in the digital marketing world, our inboxes are full of emails trainings webinars and new blog posts from industry professionals and industry experts that are all talking about what is going on and how to work through the newest algorithm changes, artificial intelligence practices, and even social media changes as a result.

On Website Local SEO Campaign Implementation (Month 2)

It takes hours of keyword research, hours of content writing, hours of analysis, hours of strategy building and that's only the beginning of a successful Local SEO campaign. Implementation of that strategy comes next, content uploads, inside website SEO, and then the creation of your site map, and analytics so that your marketing account manager can adequately track the progress of your Local SEO campaign. This whole process on it's own takes approximately 1 month on it's own.

Offsite Local SEO Campaign Implementation (Month 3)

An effective Local SEO campaign doesn't stop here though. Offsite URL submission begin in this part of the process. Uploads of continuing blog posts begin as well as backlinking, article writing, forum, website, and social media management begins and when all is said and done this process continues over the coming months to continue to grow and expand your business.

Repeat The Initial Local SEO Process (Month 4 & Moving Forward)

Over the timespan of the last 3 months Embeance or any other design and marketing agency has

taken the initiative to adequately start building up your search engine positioning the process doesn't stop here though as over the next several months the process only continues in order to keep increasing your backlinks, exposure and local reach.

In order to fully dominate your local market and niche and position, you higher Embeance continues to analyze and strategize in order to keep building your content while repeating the Local SEO Strategy designed for you.

If you are presently searching for SEO Management from a Digital Marketing Agency That Provides Assistance To Local Small Businesses EmBeance would love the opportunity to provide a complimentary analysis of your present search engine rankings as well as competitor analysis in order to intuitively guide you into the future and bring you the business growth through Local SEO & Digital Marketing that you are needing in order to fly high above your competitors. Reach out and give us a call or use the schedule on our home page to book a complimentary call or strategy session (Strategy sessions are billed per hour). Take a chance, Make a change, and come fly with EmBeance Marketing & Design.

Misty Burrell is the Owner and Founder of EmBeance.com, the South East's Digital Marketing and Web Design Agency that takes you to new heights in the sky by creating an ambiant, radiant atmosphere based upon your business goals, and dreams. She can be reached by email at EmBeance@Gmail.com or by phone at 678-941-9330.