Build Your Funnel Then Build Client and Business Connections & Relationships.

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Build Your Funnel

Then Build Client and Business Connections & Relationships.

This morning I received an email from a pretty well known business coach in Australia that has an active and pretty large US presence on facebook through one of her facebook groups. Her email told her followers to focus first on building connections and then build her funnel, and the more I have thought on that, that just isn’t correct, and here’s why.

If You Want To Actively Build Your Business You Have To Have A Funnel That Keeps Your Target Audience Connected, Informed and Engaged.

You can spend your time building network connections, business relationships, and building a general sense of an email list but if you never keep your audience engaged, they are not going to receive anything of value, and in between the time you meet or connect with those individuals or businesses and the time that it takes you to build out your funnel you have already probably lost that person to a competitor.

The Best Way To Keep Up With Your Network and Database Is Through An Email List That Is Built Into Your Funnel.

Right from the word go, when someone visits your website you should be connecting them to your Email List in order to work them into your funnel - well how should you do that? It depends on the niche, and is one of the reasons that EmBeance Marketing & Designs offers funnel creation solutions and strategy development. While the price is priceless because of the value you will get over time, we try to make this service as affordable as possible to our clients to ensure that they have the correct setup that they need to get into business, and be able to connect with their prospects right from the day they launch forward.

Ways To Use An Email List Inside Of Your Funnel:

  • Latest Blog Posts

  • News and Updates

  • Sales and Specials

  • Educational and Informative Content

  • Highlight the latest written and video testimonials for your business with a reminder that you offer x service in a way that provides a solution to someone’s problem.

No one buys your service or product - they buy you, and they buy the solution to their problem. That is Business 101 and Marketing 101, and we teach you all of that and more, when you sign on with EmBeance to assist you with your Digital Marketing, Advertising & Design needs.

Are you considering having a funnel built for your business? If your answer is yes, lets determine what you need, and why you need in a Free 1:1 strategy call.

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