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If you run a business, evolvement and transformation are vital if you want to build long term results, and create a legacy to be passed down in order to continue what you have created for yourself and others.

Are You Willing To Transform Into Your Highest Potential?

Your business can't transform though if you don't transform first, so be willing to say yes to yourself, and be willing to transform yourself in order to be able to offer an amazing transformation to your clients.

Be Willing To Say Yes To Your Own Transformational Growth & Business Growth

If you aren't willing to step up say yes to yourself and invest in your business, then quite honestly you won't get to the point of being able to continue your business. You'll let everything sit idle, you won't promote, you won't perform positive outreach, and you won't find yourself bringing in new clients that align with you and your vision and mission.

After being in the Digital Marketing and Content Management field since 2001 here's what I know for sure;

Too many AMAZING people show up without brand knowledge, or brand messaging that will align them with their clients.

Too many AMAZING women show up and don't have the self-confidence to assert their brand messages that attract their clients.

Too many AMAZING men show up and are either to narcissistic for any of their clients to want to work with them OR they have been pushed down and around by previous employers just a little too much and are now lacking the self-confidence and self-worth that it takes to create their brand messaging and ideal business.

A few years ago just showing up would have worked but, things changed, the online business world has changed and now anyone can call themselves a rockstar expert, coach, practitioner, consultant etc....even with little to no experience or education under their belts – and while some of them really do rock the online business world it's begun to cause a very large problem with AMAZING TALENTED and GIFTED souls that have lost sight of their true vision and brand, they've lost sight of why they went into business, to begin with, and they're trying to do it all in order to make things happen for themselves at the expense of the clients who are spending extreme amounts of money and walking away from the individual at the end feeling as though they are no further ahead than when they started.

When you own a business, you must be willing to invest in and be honest about your business. It requires divine strategy, intuitive awareness about where your brand and business are going and, and the transformational value to not just yourself first but, to your soul aligned clients that are matching you at your present vibration.

If you aren't strategic and willing to invest in your business to cover areas where you are not an expert - then you may not be able to build a thriving empire. Or at least not one that will last.

It is just a fact.

If this is you....don't stress, it is easy to shift your thoughts and frequency and guess what? I haven't just done this once or twice in the last week I've done it 6 times in the last week and still have 2 more slots available. It is all about the divine internal transformation of your soul, and if you are ready to move forward out of stagnation, and the same old pattern, I'd love to take you with me on a journey that you won't forget through building your empire the right way online.

The first thing you must do is be honest with yourself, and outline what your goals are for the next level of your business.

Look at your business from a business point of view. Look at it the way that your clients will view it.  Get 2nd and 3rd opinions from individuals who are your clients. Not a coach but from individuals who are already your clients. And if you're stuck – shoot it to me I'll be happy to help guide you through the process and even have intuitive strategy sessions for exactly this reason.

Outline what solutions you are providing your clients, what you do for your clients, what you are ultimately bringing them that only you can bring them.

Then together let's create a strategic marketing strategy that works and that will align you with your target audience over the next 30 day calendar cycle.

Expansion isn't easy. Anyone who promises you that it is, is lying to you but, it starts by finding that high vibe frequency, getting in touch with yourself, and re-finding your purpose driven vision that your clients will align with once you commit to it.

Need to book a strategy session to begin the process of up-leveling schedule one now.

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Misty Burrell is the owner of EmBeance Marketing & Design with offices in Atlanta and with a Tampa office launching in November of 2017. EmBeance offers state of art Digital Marketing and Digital Content Marketing and Design Solutions that expand our clients reach across the internet and helps you reach your target audience through effective white hat SEO measures, marketing, and analysis that is filled with strategy and over 16 years of experience inside of the Digital Marketing Industry.