The 5 Best Call To Action Examples And Where To Effectively Use Them


The 5 Best Call To Action Examples

And Where To Effectively Use Them

Getting visitors to your website isn’t as easy as many marketers make you believe.  Maybe you want your target audience to sign up to book an appointment with your sales team or perhaps you want them to sign up to for your weekly or monthly newsletter where you provide valuable insight and materials that fit their needs and wants.  Regardless of the goal, it’s not easy to accomplish if your prospective audience isn’t even making it to your website to begin with. And therefore, it may be time to revisit your call to action in order to begin generating the conversions that you want to accomplish.

What Is A Call To Action?:

A call to action (CTA) is a link (hyperlink) or a button with an embedded link that is added to your website pages and or landing pages in order to direct and guide your target audience and website visitors to the next part of your funnel.

How To Use A Call To Action In Lead Generation?

While it’s true that you can place a Call to Action (CTA) anywhere on your website, it’s important for the placement of your CTA to align with the goal of the content on the website or landing page where it is placed.  Ultimately you want the call to action to capture the attention and interest of your website or landing page visitors and motivate them to sign up, click through, enter their email, enter their name, and contact information or even pick up the phone and call.  

Effective Call To Actions are only as good as the content and information that leads website visitors, your target audience, and your prospective buyers to retain interest though, and with only about 2 seconds on the clock to obtain someone’s interest before the multitude of distractions in our day to day lives begin it’s more important now than it ever has been before to captivate that attention as early on in the page as possible, and then don’t stop working to retain that interest once it’s already obtained while providing valuable information at the same time.

Best Call To Action Practices That Help Generate Leads:

  1. Make The Call To Action - Action Oriented.

  2. Use Persuasive Text While Telling A Story Leading In To Your Call To Action.

  3. Include Strong Visuals (Images and or Video) That Further Help Tell The Story.

  4. Create A Strong Sense Of Urgency To Get Your Website Visitor To Act Now Rather Than Later.

  5. Make Your Call To Action Easy To Find.


Does Your Call To Action Fit Your Desired Outcome?

The 5 Best Call To Action Examples To Generate Leads.

Buy Now Call To Action:  

Ecommerce stores, online guides, courses, webinars and more will find that the Buy Now Call To Action works best for their businesses.  By adding a button or hyper link to your product’s call to action you are asking your target audience to make an effective buying decision after reading through your product description, and or other information and content based lead in.

If your business is set up on Google Ads you will find that this button will get clicked more often than not as Google Ads leads are buyers.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity for a sale simply because you don’t have a call to action that fits your target audience’s needs in the moment.

Call Now Call To Action:

In today’s age consumers want as much information as possible before making an informative buying decision.  By adding your phone number with a link to call on mobile (it’s okay over 93% of online traffic comes from mobile users today.) you are empowering your target audience to pick up the phone and make a call in order to get the information that they need in order to make an informative buying decision that meets and fits their needs.

Are you one of many businesses that added their phone number in to their ads, and call to actions years ago but found that people didn’t know anything about your business, and or they weren’t really buyers - try again.  Our insight and testing methods now show that things have changed, and that especially on Google Ads - Ads that list a phone number are 64% more likely to convert and lead to a sale. Stop making available platforms compete against each other, and make every platform work together to generate the leads your sales team wants, and your marketing team and experts can get for you at the best cost possible.

Remember - with Google Ads Call Ads - the phone number shows.  No one has to actually click it and if they don’t have to click it but choose to call you direct - that lead doesn’t cost you a single penny.  Free advertising. It can’t get any better than that.  

Try Now Call To Action:

Do you have a program, or service that offers a free or very low cost trial (Under $5 - if it’s free, it’s even better)?  If your answer is yes - turn your call to action into Try It Free Now or Try It For Just $____ for x days.

Make your prospects fall in love, get the value they need, and then utilize that value to turn the prospect into a loyal, repeat customer.  Need a few examples of how this successfully works? Take a look at Amazon Prime, HBO Now, Check out Netflix, and Don’t forget about Spotify and Youtube Red.

All of the above mentioned brands offer free trial periods anywhere from 7 days to 30 days free in order to build brand and or product loyalty.  Build brand loyalty efficiently, turn customers into repeat customers or take them from free users to paid users with the Try Now Call To Action.

Get It Now Call To Action:

Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, and Financial Services Brokers along with many other service based businesses around the globe love the Get It Now Call To Action.  From Email List Signups, To Giveaways, To Home Buyer and Home Seller Guides, To other Value Based Content That Serves As A Lead In To Generate Leads with a Get It Now Call To Action you can not go wrong.

Learn More Call To Action:

With a learn more call to action you have the ability to turn your website or landing page into a lead generator.  Great for Course signups, Educational, Recruiting and Employment, as well as any and all service based business the Learn More call to action is a great lead generation call to actions that will keep your sales team happy long into the future.

The goal with any call to action is to make it work for your brand and business.  No matter what type of funnel your business currently has one if not all of these call to actions should bring you lasting results.  

Need help developing a funnel strategy that includes the right call to action button?  EmBeance Marketing & Design specializes in funnel development, design and implementation of that funnel in a way that works for your business.