The 6 Google Ads Extensions Every Business Should Use In 2019

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The 6 Google Ads Extensions Every Business Should Use In 2019.

Inside of each Google Ads campaign, no matter how new or old your account is, you’ll see a tab called “Ad Extensions” when you are in the ads and extensions section of your campaign. From there you can click on the button that starts with “View:” to view all of the available Google Ads Extensions that are available to you.

The 6 most frequently used Google Ads Extensions and that I recommend nearly every business create are:

  1. Sitelink Extensions

  2. Callout Extensions

  3. Call Extensions

  4. Location Extensions

  5. Structured Snippet Extensions

  6. Review Extensions

1. Google Ads Sitelinks Extensions

With every campaign that EmBeance launches in Google Ads, Sitelink extensions are launched along side of the ads. If you look at Google Ads Sitelink Extensions as additional opportunities to get people interested in your service or product that they wouldn’t otherwise know that you offer, then you’ll understand why Sitelink Extensions can be so powerful, and generate many more conversions and leads than a traditional campaign would. More often than not, only the headline of the sitelinks will be displayed due to spacing limitations as well as ad ranking, but it’s also possible that Google will display the full sitelink ad with a headline and 2 description lines. As a result, if done correctly, these ads have the potential to outshine what comes up in the search results to help your ad stand out and look more like the search results instead of an ad while being better than what appears in the search results at the same time.

2. Google Ads Callout Extensions

Callout extensions in Google Ads are similar to sitelink extensions in that they are act as bullet points that you can add below your standard ad. Pricing highlights, sales and specials, general product or service highlights, should all be placed in Google Ads Callout Extensions to help you outshine your competitors.

3. Google Ads Call Extensions

Not to get these confused with Callout Extensions but, have you ever done a search on google, and seen an ad come up with a phone number listed? That is a Google Ads call extension. You have the option when setting up your call extension to display your phone number or display a Google tracking number that forwards to your number. By using the latter, you’ll be able to track how many calls are generated from prospects calling the number in your ads.

Obviously if you don’t want phone calls, then this extension is not a good fit. However, if you do take calls, and your business is primarily through strategy calls, and other development over time based strategies, then this is a great opportunity to provide your prospects with contact information before they even click on your ad.  Additionally, if you choose to use your primary business phone number as the contact number, you may find yourself saving money on ad clicks in the long run. To track these, simply ask your incoming prospects where they heard about your company, and your prospects will be happy to tell you.

4. Google Ads Location Extensions

Have you ever seen an ad for a local business that has their location showing? In a day in age where more and more are preferring to shop local, this is helpful for businesses as well as for prospects that are looking for local businesses. Restaurants, Breweries, Activity Centers, Daycares, Attorneys, Dentists and Doctors, the possibilities are endless but by displaying your address, you’ll be more likely to attract clicks from prospects who want a business near your location, and conversely, you’ll be less likely to waste money on prospects not interested in traveling to your location.

Of course, if you don’t have a store or office location, then this extension is not a good fit. But for every other business, this is another opportunity to provide contact information before the prospect clicks on your ad, especially with today’s trend of shopping local to try and keep local businesses up and running.  While digital only is convenient, people do still go out, and they do still opt to live life, and enjoy - local places have become the how in this.

5. Google Ads Structured Snippet Extensions

Google Ads Structured Snippet Extensions, these allow a business to add a comma-separated list below your standard text ad. Unlike all the other extensions, the structured snippet is not fully customizable so you must select from the available headers below:

  • Amenities

  • Brands

  • Courses

  • Degree programs

  • Destinations

  • Featured hotels

  • Insurance coverage

  • Neighborhoods

  • Service catalog

  • Shows

  • Styles

  • Types

After you select your header, then you can add a list after the header. For example, if you select “Brands” then you would list all the brands you offer at your store.  While these are great for many industries they are not for everyone. We’ve found that they work best for Travel Sites, Multiple Stream of Income Sites, Education, Hospitality, Entertainment, and Real Estate Ads.

6. Review extensions

Of all the extensions, this one is the hardest to set up because you need a 3rd party review of your business. To clarify, this is not a customer review. This needs to be a review from another business or media outlet. For example, if you have an A rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), then that can be used as a review extension to highlight BBB’s review of your business.  While we do not manage reputation management for our clients, and believe that this is a customer service focused area for a company to manage themselves, our team at EmBeance can recommend the best sites for your company to be on, as Review Websites as long as your customer service is intact, and you are making it a priority for your company can increase your SEO results tremendously, and help put your business on the map.  Each site has different rules for how you can and can not obtain reviews, and as a general rule of thumb in the industry - do not pay for reviews, let them be freely given, and then if you know who gave the review - offer a percentage off on their next purchase with you. Reviews are tremendously searched for with potential new clients, so we do recommend making this apart of your customer service strategy into the future.

Did You Find All 6 Google Ads Extensions?

Now that you’re familiar with these ad extensions, go to your campaigns, go to ads, and extensions, and once you are in there looking at your ads, go to the extensions tab and see if you can correctly identify the 6 ad extensions.

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