Story Telling With Facebook Ads – How To Use Facebook Carousel Ads To Connect With Your Target Audience In 2019

Facebook Ads & Story Telling

Everyone has a story, and Story Telling in business is no different. People want a brand that they can stand behind, they want a brand that they can relate to, and they want to buy from brands that they trust. So how do brands use storytelling to accomplish brand awareness, lead generation, and conversions to increase sales.

Facebook Ads gives us a few examples but, any advertiser who isn't lying to you will tell you the truth that a businesses success in using Facebook ads starts with knowing your target audience, and being able to craft ad copy that connects with them but, how do you do that.

The Best Way To Write Ad Copy That Connects With Your Target Audience Is Through Story Telling

Yes, You read that correctly. The Best Way To Write Ad Copy That Connects With Your Target Audience Is Through Story Telling. If everyone has a story to tell, and your target audience is looking for a solution to their problem, the best way to meet them where they are is to tell a story that they will connect with. What problem does your solution solve in their day to day life? How do they go about solving their problem through your product or service? How does a prospective buyer in your target audience realize that you have the solution to their problem, and how do you as a business connect with them to make sure they know that there is a solution to their problems.

Using Storytelling in your Facebook Ads Increases The Chances Of Your Target Audience Connecting With You

With over 2.32 monthly active users on Facebook engaging on a daily basis, your best chances of getting found by your target audience is through Facebook Ads. And what we've found outside of video to be the best way to connect with users is through the art of storytelling in Facebook Carousel Ads.

So What Are The Best Ways To Use Storytelling in Facebook Carousel Ads?

Testimonial / Review Highlights

Our products and services all generate wonderful feedback and thank you's, maybe not all the time but, once in awhile it happens. On almost a weekly basis I collect about 6 different positive statements from clients for one of my clients that come in from the companies sales reps, and at that point – I take the text of those reviews, and I copy them into a series of pre-created templates that I made just for reviews, and then have my Social Media Manager post them across our Social Media channels.

Once those pre-created templates are filled in though – we've got a series of graphics that are ready to go and because Facebook Carousel ads let you post up to 10 images you can use these to your full advantage to further sway prospects to purchase your product or service.

Solution Based Service or Product Promotions

What Problem(s) are you solving for your target audience? Facebook Carousel Ads let you tell a story with your graphics and make it easier to do so by giving you the ability to highlight the solutions that you bring to the table.


What's on the menu? What do people come to your restaurant craving? What amentities does your hotel offer? What are the perks of using your Real Estate firm over another brokerages? How do all of your Services mesh into one overall need? Why should a prospective home buyer come check out your open house, and what special features does that home for sale have?

Use Carousel Ads to give people what they want and watch as they sign up in droves, come flocking into your restaurant or store (especially when there's a coupon or discount code involved found only through that ad). Hint Hint Hint.

Deals And Specials

Running a paid promotion that involves a discount or promotional coupon? Use it to your advantage on facebook ads with the products or services that you are highlighting and wanting to promote in your flash sale, holiday sale, or month long sale. I'm a money conscious shopper – I only shop sales and frequently take a trip down the clearance isles. You'll also find that I spend Friday Nights watching new youtube episodes from people that I consider to be influencers and those that inspire me while clipping digital coupons. It's a thing. The point, people, especially women – like to shop deals and sales. Give them what they are looking for by offering them a special that they wont want to miss out on. Still make it profitable but the more someone believes they are saving in taking advantage of this special deal – the more you will find your revenues starting to increase in direct effect. Compliment it with a review testimonial or 2 based on a previous sale that was similar and you'll have a lead generation winner.

Final Thoughts:

So there you have it – 4 new ways to get creative with Facebook Carousel Ads through storytelling. While not every ad and every industry is cookie cutter, you've got to try some things out in order to improve your chances and dominating your market at the lowest cost per lead possible to increase your leads over time which is what in return generates the most ROI.

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