Does Artificial Intelligence and SEO Have You Confused?

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Artificial Intelligence Brings The Art Of Surprise Into SEO affecting Design, Media, Content & All Aspects Of Digital Marketing

When we first started hearing about artificial intelligence we first learned that robots were determining who our businesses were being shared with through our published website content.  

Have you ever searched for something on Google and found results that had absolutely nothing to do with what you were initially searching for?  

Google Search Results, Bing Search Results, Twitter Search Results, Facebook Search Results, and Pinterest Search Results just to name a few are all the result of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Over the last several years I've been analyzing the algorithms, testing them, and creating strategy based upon my own results while also comparing my findings to the findings of other experts in the search engine optimization and digital marketing world, and here's what we've all determined.  

Artificial Intelligence as we know it right now is only just the beginning.  With Cortana and Siri effectively transforming the way that we search and placing voice search at the palm of our finger tips through phone tablet and desktop / laptop it has becomie increasingly more necessary than ever before for businesses to invest in SEO.  

Frequently known as Google Spiders, or Search Engine Spiders, search engine robots are determining where your website ranks in your target audiences results when they perform a search on google, bing, yahoo, facebook, twitter, pinterest or other social and web websites that offer search options.  These results are based upon the following factors:

  • Your Website Content Layout

  • Your Keywords Included Into Your Website Content

  • Your Images

  • Alt Tags, Descriptions, Meta Data & Backlinking

  • How Often Your Website Appears In Search Results 

See, while many clients come to me unknowingly and uneducated with the facts and reality of what it takes to increase their exposure to their target audience depending on their niche, background and present strategy the reason that my clients come to me is because they come to understand that together, we can come up with a solution that will meet their needs based on their budget.  A willingness to say yes and trust however is what it takes to bring that new beginning into fruition that leads to transformation.

Are you willing to say yes to business growth and transformation through digital marketing?

Digital Marketing isn't the same thing as Digital Design and many are unaware of just how much they need digital marketing in order to grow and transform.

Ways That Digital Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow WIth The Help Of Artificial Intelligence

  • Increased Search Engine Exposure - How Often You Appear In Search Engine Results

  • Higher Website Placement In The Search Engines Above Your Competitors

  • Increased Exposure On Social Media - Increase Your Reach & Your Visibility

  • Empowerment as an industry leader

Why Do We Need Artificial Intelligence & SEO

Content is King in the Digital Marketing world and if you want your business to successfully grow then you are presently at a crossroads because without digital marketing and strategic content marketing your business whether you are a brick and mortar with a storefront an attorney, politician, Real Estate Brokerage, Real Estate Agent or even an E-commerce Store or other form of an online business the competition is high and the only way to outrank your competition is through consistent, strategic content that aligns with what the search engine spiders are looking for when they visit your website with the purpose of ranking you.

A website on it's own will only just sit there.  What brings you website traffic that leads you to conversions and business?  Hiring a Marketing professional that can help you with your content marketing, website content, blog posts, and search engine exposure and rankings.  

52% of businesses said that they were still determining how to invest their marketing budgets in 2017 and I am here to tell you that the way to invest it is all inclusively.  Go with a plan that gives you everything that you need because quite honestly your rankings soar with the right plan that is designed and timed to rank you higher.

How long does it take to start seeing results in SEO through Artificial Intelligence?  While many of our clients begin seeing results within the first week of service the real results come within the first 3 months, and continue to grow.  Depending on your niche and industry a plan will be customized to take your online website presence to new heights but, the process does not happen over night, and expecting an immediate return on investment is not realistic.  Instant gratification is the largest problem that prevents business owners from ever successfully growing their online campaigns because, they aren't knowledgeable about the realities of digital marketing and if they were they would probably be doing it themselves.  Instant Gratification doesn't exist unless you are willing to invest extreme amounts in paid advertising and even then the risks are higher when you don't have an all the way around plan in marketing to back up your pay per click and other paid advertising campaigns.  Consistency is the biggest key to success, and if you are looking for consistency very few are willing to provide that in today's Social Media, Search Engine, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing world organically and at the customized to fit your brand and business level.  

Someone else's strategy isn't going to work for every single business online.  It doesn't work that way and contrary to what many pop ups will tell you one size can never fit all which is why we have so many confused business owners without SEO at all and not understanding why no one is visiting their website.  

Any successful digital marketing campaign and search engine marketing campaign takes on average 6 months to begin to see adequate results.  This is because search engine optimization has a very large multi step process and it has to be done slowly and at a pace that not only your digital marketing agency can handle but most importantly at a speed where google, bing, and yahoo will not penalize you for your speed & new found presence.  

 Yes, the search engines can and will penalize you if you are moving to fast in uploading new content, graphics, and general uploads.  Welcome to the new age of artificial intelligence and how search engine spiders works.  While the robots have a set determining factor that determines how you rank against your competitors (if at all) these things are all based upon how you begin the process of content marketing, and consistently show the same flow in content formation.  

A customized strategy that leads to artificial intelligence ranking your website in Google is just the beginning of online business growth with Search Engine Optimization.

While there are many factors that play a part in ranking across the search engines we are now past the point of DIY in Digital Marketing for businesses that want to continue to grow their online businesses.  While creating pretty graphics and quotes in canva is fun please save that for your personal facebook or your personal blog.  We live in an information age where the proof is in the pudding and if your brand isn't aligning with your mission then there we have a problem that the search engine spiders will pick up on and penalize you for because, in the digital marketing and digital design world everything connects.

If you want to avoid the search engines penalizing you due to artificial intelligence the best thing that you can do is invest in Search Engine Optimization Services from a Marketer that understands the algorithms, and how the search engines are ranking you as well as which factors they are taking into the most consideration.

Misty Burrell is the owner and founder of the south east's leading Digital Marketing and Design firm endorsed by Keller Williams and the Atlanta Board Of Realtors.  With Digital Marketing experience dating back to 2001, Misty has been serving businesses of all sizes in Digital Campaigns increasing target audience exposure and conversions through digital design, content management, social media management, seo, and email marketing that aligns with client's vision, budget, and goals that drive sales into the future.  She can be reached by email at or by phone at 678-941-9330.