Earning A Clients Trust Isn't Always Easy But It's Worth It


  Trust 101 

Earning a client's trust isn't always easy. For the most part I don't really have a hard time with this on a day to day front but, last week I had someone come to me with a project that I knew wouldn't be an easy one, and because I have been overloaded with new incoming clients I just got to the individual that I was being sent to yesterday.


See, this wasn't our first round with this individual, and on the initial front about 3 weeks ago when this came up the first time I got completely sideswiped and that was inside of a group chat that we had all set up where I asked this gentleman a series of questions that would help me better determine where it was that he was supposed to be going because things in the past just hadn't panned out. He side swiped me because he completely ran from the conversation. But hey, I'm used to that in my own little way thanks to a different aspect of my life so, I did my thing and let him run because I knew that he'd be back. They always come back you've just got to give them some space and time to heal those wounds and realize that what they are waiting or looking for is literally right here. Trust building 101 is right there.

But, that leads me to this article. How do you build trust when you've been burned so badly by others that you don't have any idea how to trust anyone, anymore at all, period?

See, this situation with this client really hit me hard and I realized that what I knew deep down was showing itself in truth in other areas – and in this case it's through business.

If your intentions are right, then building trust with others isn't hard. What can be hard though is getting your clients to open up and let you in, in order to be able to make the difference that you are supposed to be making in their lives.

See while not every business takes on my approach, I've created EmBeance as a service first and heavily purpose-driven company that wants to bring those who come to me growth but, growth can't happen unless a client lets me in, and begins building the bond that leads to their growth. It can't happen without first building trust.

So where do you even start building trust?

Trust is elusive and often works in mysterious ways. There's no one way to build it or earn it but, what you can't do is fake it because, the truth always shows itself and energy doesn't lie nor, can you buy it.

Trust is a beautiful thing, and the accomplishment of it can bring many things into your life as well as the lives of the clients that you serve. So start building trust in business with others by putting these tips into action.

Show That You Trust & Believe In The Person That You Are Speaking With.

One of the best ways that I have learned to gain the trust of others is by letting my own light-filled personality shine. See, by showing kindness, and a genuine sense of helpfulness to others what you will find is that you will receive it in return. When a potential client contacts me for a consultation I spend some time really getting to know them and getting to know their needs and the reason why is because you can't create a strategy or give quality input on a problem that you aren't sure of. In order to analyze the problem and create a solution based strategy, you have to know your client, get them talking, learn what they are passionate about and then create the solutions that they need.

Create Mutually Beneficial Relationships Through Providing Solutions Not Services

Continuing on with the solution based strategy that I was discussing in section #1 another key element of building the trust of those who contact you is creating a mutually beneficial relationship that serves the needs of both your potential client as well as you. See, the problem that many business owners have is the “What's in it for me” mentality or the “What price tag can I put on this product or service” mentality. Get those two problems out of your head right now and grow to understand that people aren't coming after your products and services the way that you think that they are instead, what people are coming after are the solutions that you provide them to their problems.

By providing solutions to the problems of your target audience you are actually relieving stress, and building a foundation for your long-term growth in a way that accomplishes the mutual gratification process that comes once the work is finalized and you have provided the client with the solution that they were looking for.

Effectively Communicate & Don't Be Afraid To Bring Up Problems

I recently had a client come to me that is very good in his niche. I've known the person for years and in a random personal conversation about a month ago his website came up as we were talking about life and catching up, and I told him that I have gotten out of the corporate realm and went off on my own. His response was one that I wasn't use to; “I need your help” so, I agreed to take a look at his site and what I realized was that in no way was he even beginning to come up in non-paid ways across the internet. In other ways, he had absolutely no SEO, and so the next time we talked which was a few days later I explained this to him, with a formulated plan of action and strategy already in place and guess what – He signed right on the dotted line. Just like that even though he had been lied to and burned by people himself in the past.

See, I brought problems to the table but, along with those problems I brought solutions. I did a website analysis, and evaluation noticed that he had absolutely no traffic stimulating content, and immediately began putting the plan in place to change that. When you do that you build trust, add in a great personality and a demeanor that speaks the next element and you'll get the clients every single time.

Be Honest & Authentic

Many people are afraid to be authentic, and the reason why is because in today's society it has become way too common for us to be judged over the slightest things. Oh you like the color yellow – I hate it, therefore there must be something wrong with you. Oh you know, help or socialize with homeless people – they are dirty, grimy, and not to mention they stink. Why would anyone want to help someone that won't even help themselves? Wow seriously? If that's where your head is at on that last subject we really need to talk but, I promise it is a very real thing, and I've encountered it countless times. There's nothing wrong with having a heart and being a good person. There's nothing wrong with lending a hand, serving people food, and loving people that are first and foremost people regardless of what they look like and their life circumstances.

See honesty, and authenticity can take many different shapes, and forms. But, it goes a long way in the business field because, if you show your authentic self, that is what will lead your clients to you. Did you know that every single one of my best clients have all at one time or another complimented me and told me that they admire me because of my strength, my determination, my heart, and my resilience? See, my clients and I get personal. There's a few that I consider to be some of my closest friends but, I never met them prior to the business world bringing them into my life and quite honestly, they were the inspiration behind creating EmBeance because I looked at what was being brought my way and why they kept coming back for all of their needs and I thought about it some more – It was a brainless choice. because It isn't a rare day when something happens and I pick up the phone and call the owner of THRIVE for Women and say “You'll never guess what happened this time, or “remember how we were just talking about this subject – guess what he just brought up – How did that just happen – Telepathy – I swear it's a real thing....(Okay that day was just weird).” We get personal, and guess who the first person she picked up the phone and called was when she found out she was pregnant? Yup, you guessed it – Me.

EmBeance has created more lasting and beautiful friendships in my life than I've ever had before and it's all been because of authenticity and honesty. If you can be honest and authentic with your clients and they can be honest and authentic with you right back you have built a bond that will last a lifetime, and that is truly a beautiful thing because, it takes the sense of promotion, sales, and need out of your interactions with one another – and that is what sells itself. Your ability to build lasting relationships because, that is what people – especially women want.

Be Understanding and Patient With The Process.

Sales don't always happen overnight. Sometimes it can be a process, and sometimes potential clients have a million questions as well as no idea what they actually need or want. I think I've seen it all at this point but, that's probably why they end up coming to me because I take them on a start to finish the journey and 99.9% of the time I don't give up on people. There has only been 1 exception to this, and that client just crossed one too many lines so I had to say goodbye but, that doesn't mean I don't still see him popping up all around me still trying to make something that won't work happen while devaluing people as he does it. And each person or group he fires and I catch the next ad I just shake my head and move on with my day just like the time before. One day he'll learn – hopefully, but, I was smart enough to know that while you can give someone all of the insight in the world it's their choice whether they want to take it or not, and he just won't do it...

That leads me to say this though. While that individual poked at me and got under my skin in ways that no one ever has before I tried for quite some time to talk reason into that man before I fired the only client that I've ever fired it is important to be understanding of the fact that most people do not realize what it is that they are wanting or needing nor do they have any idea what they are asking for most of the time. It's easy to say I want 200 pages of content written but when they hear a price of $3000 they run for the hills – Guys seriously, that's $15.00 per page and that doesn't exist unless you come to me for that price at least not with keyword integration, and a content strategy included. And guess what, if a person needed to go lower I would go lower but, what I'm saying is that if people were to do the math the price wouldn't seem so astronomical and unrealistic because the going rate for quality ad copy is actually between $77.00 and $150.00 per page.

See, I show patience and understanding with my clients because I know that the majority of clients that come to me don't have an extreme amount of money to spend on design let alone copy that will take them where they want to go. Therefore, because I know this, I get an honest feel for their needs, and then discuss their budget with them and bring them solutions based on their needs. Therefore, if a Realtor comes to me wanting to Dominate their local market for example and needs their primary website content written as well as additional pages that target cities, counties, school districts etc...I come up with a plan to make that happen, at a price that works for them, and then add things can be integrated over time through other means. See, Real Estate is my top niche for a reason and it's because Agents and Brokers need someone who understands their needs and can plan accordingly and within their budget. This is why very few agencies can effectively manage a Real Estate Marketing campaign effectively and it's because they lack the understanding of what agents and brokers need in today's market. While this can exist in any other niche and market as well it's one that I frequently come across inside of Real Estate.

Respect The Time Of Others

While this seems so obvious you would be surprised at how frequently this can come up in business. Especially when you run a service oriented business. As I think back to the 1 and only client that I ever fired when you really get to the bottom of why I did it, it was because he wasn't respecting me or my time.

See, if someone isn't respecting your time you are probably not going to get much of anything done because you will be on the phone with them non-stop or you will have to do nothing but work for them and not be able to focus on any of your other clients. Establishing healthy boundaries with clients is important right from the start, and I actually have a no Social Media Messenger policy with my clients for this reason because when I go on a hunt for conversations I don't want to have to search through 5 platforms (Email, Facebook, Skype, Instagram and text) to figure out what was said and where it was said.

This has been key to my own organization and relieves much of the stress that we can face from day to day.

Go Above & Beyond Your Client's Expectation

The final thing that I want to discuss with you is going above and beyond the expectations of your clients. This sometimes isn't easy because our clients don't always come to us knowing what they want but, in the history of EmBeance I've been able to intuitively know that my clients need much more than they realize that they need so, I've made it a point to throw that stuff in without an additional charge.

See, that's what makes me different, That's what makes EmBeance different and it's what keeps clients coming back time and time again with a smile on their face because they know that they are going to be taken care of.

How can you effectively put these elements into play in your business. Let's discuss below.