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Your Business needs a brand with clear direction in order to attract your target audience and the clients that you want but, your brand also needs to be set apart from the rest. How do accomplish that without spending thousands of dollars in Branding from the experts that are on a power trip, and want to hold everything over your head?

This seems to be the question that I'm asked by my clients the most. And recently, I had my own little experience with this that led me to where I'm at today with the values and mission statement that I hold and have built the foundation of EmBeance on.

Do You Want To Learn How To Manifest The Brand That You Want?

Manifesting the brand that you want begins with you. Outline your dreams, outline your goals, outline your vision, mission, and values statements now, and then continue to reflect on them.

How can you accomplish these goals? How can you accomplish your vision for your Future Brand affordably?

Branding is about more than just your logo. And quite honestly the questions that I asked you above is the beginning of your brand.

Who are you, what is your mission, what do you want for the future? What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

Answer these questions and you have the foundation that creates your brand.

Now we come to the point in creating the brand that you have envisioned with your mission, with your legacy, with your values, with your persona, and with your goals and dreams in mind.

Why Does Branding Start With Questions:

Branding starts with questions because, until you know what you want, and why you want it, you will always be stuck in the cycle of wondering, waiting, and repeating the process. You'll always be stuck in the cycle of doubt with hints (or a lot) of negativity, You won't have answers, You won't have a solution that leads your target audience to you, and therefore, you won't attract your target audience to you because, you will be going day to day not knowing what you want.

What Do You Want?

Defining what you want begins the process of moving into the future. Do you have people around you that don't support that vision or knock it down? Let them and it go. There's no reason to stay stuck somewhere you don't belong when you are meant to achieve your dreams, and you are meant to say yes to whatever promptings that you are receiving. EmBe Writes and now EmBeance was created solely off of promptings. It's something that I don't talk a whole lot about but, the messages were clear, and I listened even when it wasn't easy to say yes to them.

If you're reading this – this is why EmBeance is here. This is the mission of EmBeance. And yes, coaching even though I don't call it coaching but, instead call it intuitive brand guidance is another service that I do offer because, I've been there and the only way to get out of it is through what I offer in my guidance sessions that are 1 on 1 sessions designed to defeat your doubts, insecurities, and even some fears that are holding you back, clearing the residual and remaining junk out of you, and get you to a place where you are open to receiving what is waiting for you with your future brand.

So yeah, Branding, it's definitely about a lot more than just a logo. But, it doesn't need to cost a fortune either to accomplish, and it doesn't need to be done by someone who doesn't have the furthest clue about you, your vision, your mission or your goals. EmBeance is after your Trust and Respect because, to me as the Founder and Owner of this business whether I have others working with and for me or, not – building solid foundations based on relationship, communication, active listening, commitment, trust and respect without demanding it through manipulative measures and while empowering my clients with the tools, services, and information that they need, is what makes not just me different but, EmBeance different.

Branding isn't easy but, it doesn't have to be expensive or a headache when there is a solution that is right in front of you. It's not an overnight process, a lot of work does go into building a brand that reflects your vision and it's not something that just anyone can create for you because, it requires the right questions being asked and your honest answers being relayed back. But again, with a little bit of work, trust, and honesty we can and will get there. Together.


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