Grow Your Facebook & Increase Your Algorithm Exposure With These Simple Steps

Facebook has officially announced that the amount of reactions that you receive per your post will now determine how frequently your posts will appear in the algorithm.

Facebook's Algorithm has been the growing concern for many users over the last year as the Social Media channel has continued to change it's code at the flip of a switch (or change of a few buttons) empowering sites like Living Social, Business Insider, Forbes, and Zynga making them billion dollar corporations only to change the coding and begin ranking these sites lower as well as the contributor / blogger / agency listed as the author all at the same time causing layoffs, bankruptcies, and the closing of businesses.

Growing a business through a Facebook Business Page whether you are a freelancer, writer, agency or, multi-billion dollar corporation has never been harder with these constant code changes, algorithm adjustments, and on a personal front questioning who your real friends are because “If they were really my friend they'd be liking and commenting on my posts” Right? WRONG.

Everything you think you know about how Facebook works are wrong. Everything you think you know about how to grow your business using Facebook business pages, and Facebook groups is wrong, and it's because, there is no dead set way to grow a business on Facebook anymore because new code changes and new workarounds no longer work for any more than two days which is why you have probably noticed the constant need to update the Facebook app on your phone every couple of days since the last quarter of 2016. These app changes are force stopping your apps, these Facebook app changes are quite literally shutting down and resetting people's phones, and don't even get me started on how the Facebook app is picking up your verbal conversations, and using those very same conversations in order to determine what it shows you within your feed. YES, for real.

So what does the average person do? Ignore it? Get off the site? Find a way to work around it, and person by person, group by group, and business by business go in and type in the person or business name that they are wondering about? These are the resolutions and beliefs that many Facebook users in 2017 hold, and luckily there is an easier way to stay up to date, and stop missing so much information that averages approximately 1500 “stories” from friends, colleagues, and professionals throughout any given week.

Facebook Algorithm Boosts Require Receiving User Reactions:

Facebook users according to the Social Media site are demanding user content that deserves a reaction. What determines a reaction? Things that make you feel emotion. So when posting strive to not only get the attention of your readers but, strive to awaken their emotions in order to get those reactions that boost you higher in the Facebook Algorithm.

Facebook Algorithm Boosts Require You To Go Live:

Even as a Marketer the thought of this terrifies me just a little bit. While I know I have a great personality, I'm much more of an introvert than most people realize, and rarely enjoy being the center of attention but, it's funny that taking yourself live is coming up because I recently had a client call me due to an accidental Live Post that had to do with a client's kids – what was the problem – Her video didn't just go live (outside of friends only) but, it went VIRAL and suddenly a very private account was being inundated with friend requests, comments, likes, shares, as were all of her other social media accounts. Luckily the video wasn't anything controversial or overly sensitive but, what scared her was that her kids and something silly that they were doing got a great reaction, a reaction that's also brought her quite a bit of business just for the record. Therefore, once and a while – take yourself there, and don't be afraid to be real, and connect. Life is life and don't be afraid to show that you are living it authentically.

Facebook Algorithm Boosts Can Be Swayed By Participating In Facebook Groups:

Who has time for Facebook Groups? It's a real struggle, and I know how that feels but, I quite literally start my day with participating in Facebook Groups in order to engage with other relevant users of the platform while I'm waking up and enjoying my first cup of coffee for the day.

Some Tips: Go to your search menu, and type in some relevant to your business terms. Think about where your target audience will be hanging out, and make a point to go and join those groups, begin by introducing yourself, liking and engaging where you are prompted to. Trust me when I say if you pick the right groups, you'll have ample opportunity to promote your business, blog, and brand, grow each of your social media platforms (Not just Facebook) and as you move along, engage with others, and get to know their needs based on what is said there will be ample opportunities to grow your Social Media Channels alongside your business.

And if all else fails:

Facebook Algorithm Boosts Can Be Swayed By Locally or Target Audience Based Ads:

Paying to play on Facebook is not a new concept. While there was a time that this could be avoided if you are wanting to grow your following on Social Media, and find real leads paying to play is one of the fastest ways to do that. Boosting your Facebook Business Posts and Paying For Facebook Ads has become the quickest way to achieve engagement, likes, and shares of your content inside and outside of your personal friends that are limited in what they see of your professional posts. Grow your business account with Facebook ads at as little as $3.00 over 24 hrs to a full week.

These methods of growing your facebook business page are the most successful methods in generating quality leads for your business and brand. If you feel as though you need assistance in any of these methods offers all of these services and more at a price that works for you. Contact us today to begin the process of growing your Facebook business page or for general Social Media Management.