Experts In Pay Per Click Advertising & Content Writing For Consumer Credit & B2B Financial Services’ Companies Committed To Helping People Restore Their Credit, End Homelessness, Start New Businesses, and Bring LOVE For Others Back .

EmBeance Marketing & Design takes an Educational, and Informative Based Approach based on facts, and using those facts through storytelling methods, and video marketing to create campaigns for your non profit mission that launch, kickstart, and then expand your financial services company into new levels of growth through Pay Per Click Marketing & Advertising, Creative Campaign Generation, and a Full Service Design and Marketing Process That Is Aimed To Be Nothing Short Of World and Life Changing For The Millions Of People Battling and Fighting Homelessness, Poverty, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, and Debt.

Our Commitment To Helping People Get The Financing and the 2nd Chances That They Deserve Through Pay Per Click Advertising & Lead Generation Solutions:

Lead Generation through Pay Per Click Advertising Solutions can accelerate your growth and your reach by up to 500%. Because every financial services company, and every mission is different lets determine your target audience, create a campaign strategy around that target audience, and determine what it is that your prospects need, in a way that makes sense to them because with 1/3 of the US population having bad credit, no credit or just okay credit, solutions need to exist that are fair to the consumer, and that help the consumer’s in those situations get the fresh start that they want, need, and do deserve. Because it’s not just the American dream at stake, it’s so much more.

“When you make your goal about helping people where they are at, and helping them find solutions that meet their needs - a whole new world arises.” (Misty, CEO Of EmBeance Marketing & Design)

EmBeance Marketing & Design chooses to take a unique approach because we want to help others empower themselves.

We want to be apart of the solution that puts an end to homelessness.

We want to bring opportunity, hope, faith, and belief back to what was once the American Dream. It is possible. Anything is. But it takes a village and a collective of individuals coming together to make it happen.

We aim to partner, and join together with Real Estate Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Builders, Mortgage Professionals, Credit and Second Chance Based Financial Solutions Providers, and Non Profits, In The Credit, Foster Care, and Homeless Prevention Areas That Have A Desire To Change REAL PROBLEMS while helping to provide families, people and children with REAL SOLUTIONS that work.

“You can’t help someone out of a place that you’ve never been.” and Misty, the CEO of EmBeance Marketing & Design has been in the place most of the individuals in the a.fore mentioned areas have been which is what makes her, the leading marketing expert in credit based financial services, homelessness prevention, homelessness outreach, and programs designed to help people restore their credit, improve their credit, and gain the 2nd chance that is at the forefront of each of those individuals hearts.

Design A Campaign That Google Ads, Linkedin Ads, & Facebook Ads Prospects Will Love.

Whether you want to generate leads for consumer credit opportunities, credit repair, credit restoration, credit building, or credit rebuilding our team of experts have extensive experience serving these markets and are great at what we do because we have a passion for helping other people and helping them get the 2nd chance at life and good credit that they deserve.

From Business Incorporation Solutions, to Brand Design and Development and then onto your marketing needs - our Consumer Credit Lead Generation and Content Marketing Solutions are what a new business needs to get off the ground, launch, and then advance and expand into the future. Take flight, legally, without false advertising, without false promises, and within compliance of the CROA, Telemarketing Sales Rules and many other state and federal laws surrounding the credit industry.

Are you a business that focuses on B2B Credit or B2B Business Solutions - our team has extensive experience setting up and managing campaigns that are in compliance of the law as well. Compliance is a huge factor for our team, and we strive to bring you as far into compliance as possible but, if you want to play in this industry - you’re going to have to get compliant and make sure it stays that way. Laws, Rules, and Factors change frequently. Our team can help guide you but, if you are running your business inside of the financial services arena we highly advise you to retain counsel and a team that can help you focus on getting into and staying in compliance.

The process starts with creating the model and then campaign structure that targets your ideal prospects goal(s). Our Extensive 1:1 Strategy Session will help us get the right idea to begin generating the initial campaign goals, your target audience, and the information that we use to target the right people per your campaign goals.

EmBeance Marketing & Design Financial Services Clients Must Commit To Spending At Least $15K in the first month in order to work with us. We have been named as the best in the industry, have the strategy, have the set up and have the knowledge and experience to help you take flight but we will not agree to work with you if we see that your business is out of compliance, if the incorrect strategy is being sold and promised or if we believe that there is any chance at all that your business is creating a business around providing unrealistic expectations or false promises to your clients. We aim to help people not hurt them, stagnate them, or keep them in a repetitive cycle that does more damage than good.

We’re passionate about what we do, and we love what we do in this industry - because we care - that’s what sets us apart.

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Pay Per Click Management Solutions For Financial Services:

Your Financial Services Business Deserves An Expert In Pay Per Click Advertising That Can Take Your Vision To New Levels Of Growth.

EmBeance Marketing & Design Are Your Specialists In Google Ads That Have Over 16 Years Of Experience Leveraging The Power Of Google Ads For Businesses and Non Profits In Credit Based Financial Services, Real Estate, and Non Profit Management Solutions.

Advertising on Google Ads has never been easy but, in the last year Google has forced advertisers to change to their new platform after some of us have been with them since the very beginning (Learning Curve) and now Facebook Ads are doing the very same thing, and it has many confused and unsure of where to go from here. Add in the changes to the Financial Services, Real Estate and Employment Advertising policies and it’s enough to make anyone that hasn’t become an expert in these advertising fields get a little more than just frustrated.

The Queen Of Facebook Ads Pay Per Click Marketing

The Queen Of Google Ads Pay Per Click Marketing

Generating Keywords For Google Ads Isn’t Easy, and if you want to get your Credit Based Business out there and reach the correct audience your non profit is going to need more than just the average keyword list. Because Content Is Queen At EmBeance where our CEO is known as the Queen Of Keywords, our Content Marketing Team has been given the exact strategy to generate keywords for our clients that has accelerated growth for companies and non profits in Credit Based, and Real Estate based industries by up to 200% in as little as 2 weeks from the time of launch.

With Google Ads Setup & Management You Get:

  • Keyword Research

  • Ad Copy Writing

  • Creative Direction - EmBeance can take the primary objectives and goals of your idea, your vision, and your non profit, and create a creative concept to be used inside of your advertising campaigns on Google and or Facebook along with any of the other Paid Advertising Platforms that are out there. For Non Profits the most frequent platforms that work are Facebook, Google, and Linkedin - In that order, and we have the advertising strategy that works, that result in daily leads, that if contacted, followed up on, and worked on correctly can turn from cold leads to warm leads, and then to hot leads, quickly. You may additionally want to add in a content marketing strategy that is heavily pushed on Pinterest, and through craigslist, quora, and reddit boards - but there is a strategy that must be implemented on this, and DIYing this is not advisable.

  • Account Setup

  • Campaign Setup, Ad Group Setup, Keyword Setup, and Ad Copy Writing + Setup that is set up per Best Practice in order to generate the most leads, with the highest quality scores, at the lowest price over time.

  • Retargeting Campaign Setup & Optimization - Must have a $90K spend over the last 6 months in qualifying industries. Not all industries can take advantage of the power of Remarketing / Retargeting campaigns so please keep that in mind as you launch your campaigns, and continue to grow your non profit.

Generate 300% More Traffic With Facebook Ads That Connect You To Your Target Audience.

With As Little As $150 a day, we can turn Facebook into your own lead generation machine. If you’re like me, you might hate Facebook on a personal basis but, don’t let the personal timeline fool you - the average user visits facebook at least 9x per day, and spends on average 1.5 hours per day on the site. Take advantage of the time on platform and place your “of value ads” in front of the right prospects. Over time, you’ll generate brand traffic, website traffic, interest in your business, and the mission of your business, and the word will spread so that you can grow your credit based business steadily over time all within a realistic daily, weekly, and monthly budget that works for you.

With Facebook Ads Setup and Management You Get:

  • Target Audience Research and Demographic Research

  • Ad Copy Based On Your Needs For Your Campaigns in compliance with Facebook’s Policies & Guidelines.

  • Graphic Design Per The EmBeance Marketing & Design Setup Process (If You Have Images or Videos You Would Like To Use - Our Experience Says Videos Produce 200% Of The Leads That Image Ads Do, and Get More Exposure.

  • Ad Account Setup

  • Facebook Pixel Setup On Your Landing Pages Or Website

  • Campaign Setup

  • Ad Group Setup

  • Ads Setup

  • Retargeting Setup as soon as your facebook advertising account qualifies for retargeting - for most businesses and non profits that we work with this is within the first week of launching your new ads.

What Budget Is Needed To Run A Successful Paid Advertising Campaign In Financial Services:

In today’s market there is high competition, that isn’t a secret but we work with you to leverage your marketing budget, attract prospects, gain higher reach, and generate more interest over a consistent period of time with a custom paid advertising strategy that matches your vision while taking an educational approach in doing so to generate the most results for your business.

While the average company inside of the consumer based credit industry spends on average $45K per brand per month, we know that most startups and small businesses are not going to have access to that kind of money right from the start. This is why we set our minimum threshold at $15K monthly split between Google Ads and Facebook Ads. While our team can not work with everyone, we do try our hardest to bring our clients the most affordable options at the most realistic price points so that we can help our clients continue to generate the most leads over the shortest period of time that close, build brand awareness, and that will begin the process of building brand loyalty right from the time that your business launches.

Looking for Pinterest Ads Management, Video Advertising, Linkedin Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, Quora Ads, Craigslist Ads, Or Reddit Ads?

We Can Assist You and Your Non Profit In All Of These Areas, and On All Of These Platforms As Well.

Our Other Marketing & Management Solutions For Non Profits At EmBeance Marketing & Design:

Content Marketing & Writing * Social Media Management * Email Marketing * Branding & Web Design * Event & Promotional Event Promotions * Creative Development * Consulting * Strategy Creation * Project Management & Marketing Management * Advertising Compliance Based Management Solutions * Career Empowerment * Resume Design * Search Engine Optimization

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