Quality copy tells a story, it compels readers to take desired action, it plants a picture in the minds of a reader, and snatches on in order to keep them focused, and drawn to the words that they are reading.

Fresh, Compelling, Unique, Clear, and attention gaining web content and Print Advertising Copy that persuades your target audience to take action is the foundation of Content Management provided by Atlanta Based, EmBĕance.

Quality SEO Based Website & Blog Content

When searching for a freelancer or, agency to write your website content there are many factors to consider; Is the person or agency performing keyword research on your industry or niche to get you to the highest possible place on search engines without Paid Advertising? Is the person or company writing your website copy optimizing and writing your content for the search engines as well as your target audience?

What's inside of your website content? Does your content tell a story? Is your website content compelling? Does your website content provide adequate information that leads customers to pick up their phone and call you or, does it lead them to hit the back button, and go to the next freelancer, ad, or agency on Google, Bing, Craigslist, Yahoo or, Linkedin providing you with a lost lead, and a gain for your competitor.

Website Content Written By EmBeance.com Includes The Following:

  • Competitor Evaluation

  • Keyword Research – Up to 300 Keywords (No We Aren't Kidding) – If you have the keywords send them on over, we'll still do our own anyways but, we'd love to see what you already have and collaborate on this process.

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Article / Advertorial Style Copy unless another form of copy is requested.

  • Unlimited Amount Of Words – Some web copy previously written has been over 2000 words and going. We're willing to do what it takes to make sure that you're subject matter being covered is informative and covers everything that you want and need it to. Other agencies place limits on this; EmBĕance does not. Just another reason why we are the agency for you. We work for you, and for your benefit.

  • 100% Organic. We do not republish or reproduce any previously written copy on our site or any of our clients.

Blog Writing & Blog Management

SEO Infused Blog Content Is What Continues To Bring Your Business or Blog Exposure. Invest In Content Management Managed By EmBĕance. Regardless of your industry or, niche if you are struggling to find time to blog, post quality updates or expand your reach and email marketing leads EmBĕance can create a blog strategy plan for you and empower you with the ability to grow your email list and social channels at the same time with quality posts that inform your target audience, and potential clients.