Freelance Opportunities & Paid Internships At EmBeance Marketing & Design

Success is what you make it and at EmBeance Marketing & Design we strive to take our passion for all things in Marketing & Design and turn it into a masterpiece by providing quality marketing and design services for our clients that can most frequently be found in Financial Services, Consumer Credit, Business Credit, B2B Solutions, B2C solutions, Real Estate & The Mortgage Industry.

We strive to empower our clients and be a true asset to them but first, we need to ensure that our team is well equipped with the knowledge, experience, and even the leadership skills that they need to thrive and succeed in the business world. EmBeance Marketing & Design doesn’t create future managers but, instead we empower and hire future leaders that lead from within, have a desire and a drive to be the change that they want to see in the world, and last but not least have the capability and the drive to do what it takes within reason to help our clients come to a place of growth and success.

We strive to make a difference, and we strive to be the change that is needed that says “Anything is possible, you just have to believe - in yourself.” And from the moment a client comes to us forward, we’re the refreshing agency that doesn’t hide things, doesn’t retain control of accounts, and doesn’t hijack accounts or sabotage them but, chooses to be the difference that teaches our clients to set up their accounts to then give us access because that’s the way it’s suppose to be done.

 Join The Fastest Growing Marketing & Design Agency In Georgia & Create Your Own Position Doing What You Love To Do While Working From Home.

  • Set Your Own Hours & Schedule

  • Work From Home

  • Travel As Much As You Want To

  • Get Paid Federal Holidays Off + Extra Days

  • Get 1 Week Of Paid Vacation Your First Year (After 3 Months)

  • Get 1 Week Of Sick Time Starting Day 1

  • Get Your Birthday Off

  • Get Bonuses & Incentives When Company Goals Are Met Quarterly.

  • Get Paid Every Friday (Thursday When Friday Is A Holiday)

  • Get Birthday & Christmas Bonus’s & Perks.

  • Plus Much More

Current Career Opportunities For Freelancers & Students Looking For Paid Internships

Appointment Setters At EmBeance Marketing & Design

Appointment Setters at EmBeance Marketing & Design contact leads from our database that have come in through our own lead generation campaigns as well as our territory lists. Appointment setters will be paid $15.00 for every appointment that they set that follows through with their appointment + $100 for every appointment that closes. Appointment prospects must meet our pre-qualification terms in order to work with EmBeance Marketing & Design. Clients must be willing to spend at least $2K in monthly management fees & be a registered corporation or non profit organization in order to qualify to work with EmBeance Marketing & Design. There are additional terms for any and all companies and organizations working in the Financial Services sector due to liability, regulatory restrictions, and the amount of work involved in managing the marketing and advertising needs of our Financial Services clients.

Freelance Writers At EmBeance Marketing & Design

If you have a passion for writing and are looking to branch out into the content writing and content management field we would like to hear from you. Our writers are valued, and are paid per article that is written. Long form content, Short form content, social media post creation, social media ad copy, landing page ad copy, and even email marketing campaign copy is all written by our Freelance Writers at EmBeance Marketing and design. Learn from the Queen of Content herself how to create the most effective Keyword Infused Content for SEO, and learn the art of storytelling for ad copy and landing pages that have turned startup companies into multi million dollar businesses in Financial Services and Real Estate. We train you, and we work with you to stay up to date with the latest tips, and industry news so that you can keep producing effective content that captivates our clients target audience, while turning them into paying clients.

Graphic Designers At EmBeance Marketing & Design

Graphic Artists and Graphic Designers that want to build their portfolios, and start out with an agency under an internship or through freelance opportunities are more than welcome to apply at EmBeance Marketing & Design. Website Graphics, Blog Article Graphics, Daily Social Media Posts, Graphic Design For Videos and For Paid Advertising Graphics are all apart of the day to day needs at EmBeance Marketing & Design. Love Print Marketing & Have Ideas For Custom Quote Collections & Or A Merchandise Shop - Lets Talk. Our Mortgage Clients, Our Real Estate Clients and even EmBeance Marketing & Design ourselves have plans to take things into the print territory as we move towards 2020. Apply now, and lets collaborate on all of the options.

Branding, Website & Landing Page Designer - Wordpress, Squarespace, Some Programming & Unbounce / Lead Pages Experience Is Necessary.

Are you a wordpress designer? If so, apply now. Our Real Estate agents, Financial Services Companies, and B2B clients all need you. Pricing is negotiable and paid per project. Design websites on Wordpress, and occasionally on Squarespace for our clients in financial services, real estate, and within the mortgage industry. Work with our creative marketing team, and clients to put together award winning strategies that will take clients from start to expansion, to then only grow more into the future. Design up to date logo’s and brand creatives that can be used in multiple areas from a businesses website to their business cards and letter head, to T-shirts and even beer bottles and koozies. The possibilities are endless but good logo designs that fit a clients needs are hard to find. Lets make those possibilities more realistic for ourselves, and our clients through affordable design solutions that empower our clients, right from the start.

EmBeance Marketing & Design LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate against anyone and welcome applications from all candidates regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation or familial status in-fact we welcome and encourage college students, college interns, stay at home mom’s, and caregivers looking for work from home opportunities to apply. While all applications will be considered, only qualified candidates will be contacted in response unless we happen to know of another employment opportunity that you may want to pursue.

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