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Misty Burrell

Founder & Owner

Once Upon A Time There Was A Girl With A Dream...

EmBĕance was founded by Misty under the brand in 2011. At the time Misty primarily focused on Resumes, Career Help, and SEO Infused Content Writing working with Brands of all sizes. While primarily focusing on the Real Estate and Womens Empowerment Niches. Over time things began to grow and clients began requesting Web Design, and Full Service Internet Marketing however, Misty began quickly realizing that the brand name EmBe Writes was no longer going to fit amongst all of the growth that began presenting itself.


So, what does EmBĕance do exactly? EmBĕance is what and who our clients need us to be in order to bring them the most growth possible, at a price that works for our clients even if that means installment plans. Yes, this is possible – Go ahead and contact us, where there is a will, there is a way, and you won't be turned a way but, instead a solution will be found that sets you on the path of growth and out of stagnation.


EmBĕance, taken after the word Ambiance means exactly what you think – We create an experience, an atmosphere, with the biggest vision being, having the ability and the okay to become your light in the darkness, in order to bring you to a place of growth, goal achievement, and success in a way that is trend setting, and future drive while affordable at the same time.


Who Is EmBĕance?

Misty Burrell – Founder & Owner:


A Native Of Carthage, NY, Misty moved to Metro Atlanta in 2006 with the goal of working in Marketing and Advertising. With a background in Communications, and a broad range of experience in Real Estate (Brokerage, Investing, and Legal) Misty took her first position in the Internet Marketing field as a Pay Per Click, and E-Commerce Store Manager with Infinity Marketing in 2003, until becoming the Co-Owner of the company in 2006. Over the next several years Misty would venture into the areas of Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, and all things Advertising, and Online Marketing managing numerous campaigns of all shapes and sizes including Multi Billion Dollar campaigns within the Online Gaming, Real Estate, Consulting, Technology, and Hospitality industries until starting what is now EmBĕance